Sunday, August 2, 2020

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Prayer Room Come to a 1 on 1 prayer room after service to receive prayer on zoom with a prayer minister.


??Question of the Day??
What is a Black-owned restaurant everyone should try? (Bonus points for recommending your favorite menu item.)

Newcomers Gathering | August 2; 3:00PM
If you are new or newer to the church and would like a chance to meet some of the staff and find out more about the church, join us for a Zoom call this afternoon.

NCO’s annual Back to School Fun Fair | August 29; 11:00AM-1:00PM
Join us at Jackie Robinson Elementary School’s open field. We need the support of a lot of volunteers to make sure this event can be just as exciting and fun for our students despite the changes to ensure safety. Please sign up to volunteer here

New Community Summer Bible Study | Thursdays; 8:00-9:30PM
Remaining studies are August 13, 20, 27. Join us for our Zoom call.

NCO: Strides for Peace Race Against Gun Violence | September 24
NCO’s main fundraiser to bring supporters & community together to raise awareness of gun violence and raise funds to support NCO’s on-the-ground restorative justice work is up and running! Register here to join the race and fundraise! Make sure you join a NC3 team if you are part of CG/Bible Study. Select “New Community Outreach” as the benefiting organization to be eligible for individual and team incentive prizes!  

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Scripture: Genesis 32:22-32


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