Bible Study

At New Community, our identity is the catalyst for mission. We are a reconciled and reconciling people (2 Corinthians 5:18). Our identity is lived out through three values: Grace and Truth, Unity, and The Kingdom.

We offer two different weekly Bible study models that are practical expressions of living out our identities in God as we pursue our three values.


  • Fall Season (Early September – December)
  • Spring Season (Mid-January – June)

Community Group Bible Study

  • We gather throughout the week in highly-committed groups of 8-12 in people’s homes to study the Bible, eat together, pray together and for each other, and provide a safe and supportive space.
  • Bible Study Model: leader facilitates discussion, and members are expected to actively participate and share their thought
  • Commitment level: high; attend at least 3 meetings per month per season (see calendar above)
  • Meeting dates: various week nights, depending on group
Mondays Woodlawn Pete • Email
Tuesdays Hyde Park Sonia • Email
Wednesdays Hyde Park Danae • Email
Wednesdays South Loop Jeanne • Email
Thursdays Bridgeport Kate • Email

Mid-Week Bible Study

  • We gather weekly at our church’s ministry center to study the Bible in a teacher-led format.
  • Bible Study Model: leader provides some direct teaching and discussion facilitation, and attendees are expected to actively participate and share their thoughts
  • Commitment level: moderate; no attendance requirements, but consistent attendance will help track with certain Bible study series
  • Meeting date: most Thursdays. Please email for updated schedule (

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