Pastor in Residence: Youth Ministry Director Job Description


Job Summary

The Pastor in Residence focused on Youth Ministry will be responsible for leading,
alongside the pastoral staff, the growing Middle School and High School Ministries at
New Community (NewCom) and for working with new and existing volunteers for the
Youth ministry. The Director will faithfully participate in shaping a culture where youth
and families are valued, helping youth and families to embrace the gospel of Jesus, and
develop teams of adults so youth fully embrace their participation in the kingdom of

Job Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the spiritual and administrative leader, alongside the pastoral staff, to
    the Youth Ministry program with the primary objective to share God’s love with
    the youth, families, and volunteers of the ministry.
  • Lead, alongside the pastors, in the worship, care, and direct service of the
    children at our church’s worship services.
  • Foster fun and inviting volunteer teams and act as mentor to the Youth Ministry
    volunteers and parents.
  • Assist in nurturing the Youth ministry with parents and family members of the
    children involved.
  • In collaboration with the pastoral staff and parents develop structures (e.g., for
    locating and training future leaders) and maintain policies (e.g., handbooks, etc.)
    which maintain a safe environment for youth, parents, and team members under
    the Director’s leadership.
  • Locate volunteers for worship services and organize appropriate levels of
    coverage for ministry on a regular basis.
  • Constantly articulate NewCom’s vision and mission to volunteers and attendees.
  • Meet with, or report to, the pastoral staff for review and areas of needed
    support and to coordinate with pastoral staff and other teams regarding event
    dates and details.
  • Learn about the curriculum and provide feedback on its effectiveness and fit for
    NewCom Youth ministry.
  • Grow in understanding the ministry budget and learn how to manage and craft a
    ministry budget.
  • Provide training and leadership development to volunteer staff & church lay
    leaders alongside the pastoral staff.

Job Requirements:

  • College degree, preferably with a ministry focus. Enrollment in Graduate School.
  • Desire to learn and serve in administrating a Youth Ministry program.
  • Communication skills to speak, pray, and teach “up front” in a worship setting or
    large gathering.
  • A passion for ministry to and with Youth, as well as the adults who work with
  • Spiritual maturity demonstrated by prayer skill, Bible knowledge, ability to teach
    the Bible and create/sustain an age-appropriate worship experience.
  • Signed agreement and compliance with the “NewCom Leadership Covenant”.
  • Desire to grow pastorally, spiritually, and develop and deepen your vocational

Spiritual Maturity:

  • Be strongly committed to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Maintain habits of spiritual health (Bible reading, prayer life, regular worship)
    and grow in biblical knowledge and ministry skills.
  • Humility and a heart to serve.

NewCom may modify job duties, responsibilities and descriptions at any time.

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